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Our Experience, Knowledge and Integrity Will Help You Find Your Dream

As our team leader, Robin Hodgson has had more experience selling real estate than all the rest of the team combined…30 years in Western Canada as sales representative, broker, company owner and mortgage broker plus the past 9 years here in La Paz.   He actually moved to La Paz to retire, but, after a few years of enjoying the beaches, exploring the desert, and generally having the best time ever, Robin decided to go back to selling real estate, helping others find the Baja dream.  Robin really understands the market and the ins and outs of buying and selling real estate in this beautiful country.  He is well-known for his direct honest character and strong business ethics.  


Miriam Welldon, Robin’s wife and business partner, was well-prepared for the real estate industry with her former career in business administration and property management.  She began with the team as administrator…looking after the website, contracts and marketing.  Over the past few years her focus has turned to sales and client service, a custom-fit for her.  With her cheerful positive attitude and her strong work ethic, Miriam manages to pack a lot of punch into each day.  She balances her work and commitment to the clients at Vista with lots of fitness, beachtime and hobbies.



Luz Armenta is a woman of many talents.  As a Public Accountant, she understands the issues surrounding real estate law in Mexico...taxes, capital gains, reverse capital gains, appraisals, the legalities of owning property, Mexican corporations and fideicomisos. Having lived and worked in La Paz for over 20 years, she knows the city and its neighbourhoods very well.  Luz reflects all of the qualities we seek in our team members…she is dedicated, hard-working, direct and honest, and always keeps the best interests of our clients as her priority.  Luz is also bilingual and has begun to create our first Spanish language website, which should be up and running soon.  


Fern Corraini,  the newest member of our team, made her permanent move to El Centenario in 2008 and is proud and grateful to call Mexico “home”.  Fern’s love of travel and her many careers (English teacher in Canada and Guadalajara, Customs officer, beekeeper, travel rep in the Dominican, sandblaster, motel owner) have proven that she is versatile, adaptable and personable.  She brings a variety of skills and a lot of enthusiasm to her position as our administrator.