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Baja Dogs: Foster/Adopt/Volunteer!!

Need a Furry Friend?     Baja Dogs is Here to Help!

Do you love animals? Are you looking for a way to volunteer while vacationing in Baja? Or do you just miss your furry friends back home and need some puppy love while you’re here?

Baja Dogs La Paz is here to help! The non-profit organization works with volunteers who rescue abandoned dogs from the street to help them find their perfect forever homes. Some get adopted locally here in Baja, while many others are adopted by families in the U.S. or in Canada.

Volunteer opportunities are plentiful, from fostering a dog temporarily while you are here, to bringing dogs to socialization classes, helping with adoption events, or acting as a “pet escort” for dogs that are flying north to their new home. You can read more about volunteer opportunities HERE.

Are Baja dogs adoptable? You bet! At a recent adoption event at Casa Parra in downtown La Paz, foster families brought their dogs out to meet and greet potential adopters. Even in a crowd with lots of new people, kids and other dogs, the dogs stayed calm and met potential adoptive families with plenty of wagging tails and kisses!                                          

Baja Dogs operates on a 100% foster model, meaning all dogs are rescued by local individuals, called “rescatistas,” who live or have vacation homes in and around La Paz. Baja Dogs then helps with low-cost vaccinations, food, sterilization programs, and even training classes to help the dogs socialize and learn basic manners.

Dogs that are ready for adoption are listed on the Baja Dogs web site (www.bajadogslapaz.org/adoptions), where you can view a dog’s profile, complete with pictures and video, fill out an application to adopt, volunteer your time, or donate. Last year, over 180 dogs were adopted through Baja Dog’s efforts. If you are looking for a way to connect with animals, the local culture and volunteer, Baja Dogs La Paz is a terrific organization that can match you with the right opportunity.